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The Winter Skin Care Regimen

Winter Skin Care :
When it comes to the winter, everyone is experienced dry skin as well as appeals to intolerance. It’s very difficult to protect the skin in winter. No matter how carefully result in the formation of the deficit in one place. To protect the skin from the trouble in this winter we offer a few winter skin care tips for you. Let’s look at them.

It’s better to use any of the baby powder. Sesame oil works well in the winter. Apply it on the entire skin, mix herbal bath powder in lukewarm water then bath. Your skill will be sensitive with this activity.

Winter Skin Care
Winter Skin Care

You should apply vaseline to the fractures in the foot especially in winter. Use a thick cream instead of using a light moisturizer. Either vaseline body lotion or any other lotion is to be mixed with lukewarm water and then bath. This makes your body smooth.

Mix a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil in bathing water. Now take a shower. It works as a moisturizer to the entire body. Glycerin soaps should be used instead of regular soap. You should apply vaseline to hands and legs before going to bed. Massage your body with hot oil at least once a week.

Winter Skin Care Glycerin Soaps
Winter Skin Care Glycerin Soaps


It’s better to wear socks without causing fractures in the foot. Wear gloves to keep your hands warm. Otherwise your hands will become itchy and get cracks. Wet gloves and wet socks should be avoided especially in winter. Bacteria in the things can cause eczema, sores, and etc.

In the morning, after a warm water bath you must apply a face cream. It’s advisable to use the creams which have vitamin E. There are a few creams developed for cold weather. These creams which include:

  • Biologique Recherche Crème Verte Espoir
  • Biologique Recherche Masque Crème Biofixine

You blood circulation should be increased in the winter that’s why avoid eating spicy foods, wins, and using hot water and etc. Arrange various small humidifiers all over the home to keep your place warm in order to prevent your skin from drying out.

Winter sun blended with snow glare which can bruise. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion to your hands, legs and face about thirty minutes before exposure. Prolonged periods are not suggested in winter, which can make sudden changes in weather. So try to stay a short time outside.

Winter sun blended with snow glare
Winter sun blended with snow glare

The weather is cold throughout the winter so everyone avoids drinking water. Moreover, Less moisture in the air is low therefore water passing through the body is also slightly higher. This leads to skin dryness. Fitness experts says that there is a threat for the skin by not drinking sufficient water even if women followed may of concerns like applying creams, facials in winter.

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