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Tips For Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a state where women go through physical as well as emotional changes. Proper care to be taken during these sensitive days of pregnancy and avoid any complication related to pregnancy. Following are the tips to stay fit during pregnancy and have a healthy baby.

Tips For Healthy Pregnancy
Tips For Healthy Pregnancy

Maintain Blood Sugar Level

They should be the maintenance of proper blood sugar level while you are pregnant by regular consumption of whole wheat, grains, and protein-rich diet. Do regular follow up with your concerned physician to know if normal maintenance of body weight and all other parameters are normal?

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids and juices while you are pregnant because maintain fluid balance in the body in case of vomitings and nausea. If you are not facing this problem of vomitings than plain water is a great choice which helps you stay fit and hydrated. If you are nauseatic then add a pinch of salt and sugar to the water and have it. If nausea persists then your gynaec.

Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated

Take Rest

Give your body proper rest when you are in this period this will keep your body muscles relax and calm. Take rest in short intervals like for 10-15 minutes before every meal time and go to bed as early as possible and wake up when the sun rises.

Morning Walk

Wake up early in the morning as the sun rises and have morning walks this will help you stay fit and active. Walk for at least 15-20 minutes in the morning because in fresh air in the morning gives you fresh breath allowing the body to breath fresh.

Stay Positive

Be confident about yourself in this phase of frequent change in your physical appearance and be positive about your pregnancy. Don’t seek advice from everyone because we all have different capabilities and different adaptive nature. So, be confident about yourself that you will give birth to a healthy individual without any complications.

Prenatal Care

Consult Health Care Provider when you get to know you are pregnant and fix an appointment with the gynaecologist because they will scan you and let you know if they are/is any complication in your pregnancy and recommend certain activities and prescribe medications for any deficiencies. Regular follow-up should be done.

Prenatal Care
Prenatal Care

Proper Diet

A pregnant woman should have nutritious diet in order to take care of herself and the foetus too. It is recommended that there should regular consumption of 200 calories for pregnant women after the first trimester. Some points are to keep in mind regarding the diet of a pregnant woman.

Proper Diet
Proper Diet

  • They should be consumption of meals in small portions with a regular interval of time.
  • Diet should contain fruits, veggies and grains.
  • Cereals and high fiber food are the perfect choices during pregnancy.
  • Fried food and manufactured food is to be avoided.
  • They should not any dieting has done to lose weight during pregnancy because gaining weight during this period is important for proper development of the foetus.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption because it leads to fatal abnormalities to the foetus like mental instability, improper growth, and musculoskeletal deficiencies.
  • Have ginger capsules if nausea persists but consults a physician before taking any medications.


They should be regular consumption of dietary supplements which has been prescribed by the doctor. It should not be a skip or replace with any other alternative. Any deviation in the prescription should be done under medical supervision.

  • Use of Iron supplements should be done because during pregnancy need for iron level required by the body doubles up and it can be full filled by supplements.
  • Consumption of 400-600 micrograms of folic acid is recommended by the physician for an expecting woman because folic acid allows healthy growth of the baby without any birth defects or any foetal abnormality.
  • Calcium is required for strong bones and teeth of mom as well as the baby. They should be increased in an uptake of this mineral too.


They should less travel while you are pregnant.

  • Safe time for travelling is between a 14-28th week of pregnancy.
  • While travelling they should be proper space for expecting mothers for stretching and straightening the body.
  • During 36th-week, travelling by air should not be done because labor can happen anytime during this period.

Personal Hygiene

They should be proper care of hair, skin, and other body parts should be taken care.

  • During pregnancy, sebaceous gland becomes more active resulting in more sweating and oil on the skin. For that reason, regular bathing with body wash/shower gel has to be done.
  • Frequent bathing after 32nd week has to be avoided.
  • Use of egg oil should be done from the first trimester itself to avoid stretch marks. Lotion or cream can also be used to keep skin moist and soft which avoids stretching of the muscles.
  • Pads must be kept inside the bra to absorb leakage of the colostrum.
  • Clothing should be not tight fitting. It should be lightweight and super comfortable for the would-be the mother.

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