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Top 17 Super Hacks which come Handy for a Lifetime!

Hack 1: Out late night and afraid?

Pretend that you’re talking on the phone once you get into a cab or at least call someone up and say them which route the driver is taking and mention the cab number to your friend.
This could save your life.

Hack 2: Worried about the cleanliness of a hotel?

Majority of the people in the world are right handed thus wetting one side of a glass, whenever you order a cup of tea or coffee. Use your left hand to drink it so that you’ll be getting the cleaner side of the cup.

Top 17 Super hacks which come handy for a lifetime!
Top 17 Super hacks which come handy for a lifetime!

Hack 3: Safest food to eat when in confusion?

In India, it’s always good to go for daal and chawal i.e yellow dal and rice.
Also be extra nice to people who serve you. This way they’ll help you in case you’re new to a place and don’t have much idea about where to go and what to do.

Hack 4: wondering why your baggage always arrives late?

This is because the sooner you check in, the later the baggage arrives.
So keep this in mind while you check in.

Hack 5: Planning for a vacation to a new place?

Learn just one sentence of the local native tongue.
Learn how to say – “sorry, I don’t know this language”. So that they will be pleased to know that you made an attempt to learn their language and they will help you out.

Hack 6: Spot a policeman?

Here’s what you do! You just pretend like you’ve lost your way and that you’re new to the area and ask them to help you out!
This way they won’t try to take money from you and they’ll help you, show you the way and let you go.

Hack 7: How to get more at the restaurant?

Always go and order one by two’s if it’s a juice or a soup. The quantity will be more than the single one.

Hack 8: Want to stay motivated?

Set your life goal as your password and see the difference! You will never forget what you want to achieve in life.

Hack 9: Confused regarding getting a tattoo?

Take a print of the tattoo design you wanna get and place it in the wall. Look at it for a year and see if you still like it. If you do then go ahead and get that tattoo.

Hack 10: Want to charge your phone faster?

If you’re running late and you want to charge your phone faster either turn it off and charge or switch to airplane mode.

Hack 11: How to save your cards when it’s stolen?

Put a sticker of a fake pin over your card. Now if it gets stolen , the person will try entering the wrong pin and the card will get deactivated after he tries it for 3 times.

Hack 12: Want to wake up early?

Set a bad song as your alarm tone and keep phone away from your reach.
You have to get up and walk across the room to turn it off.

Hack 13: Testing a printer

Print the google homepage because it has almost all colors in it and uses less ink.

Hack 14: Want children to obey when on trips?

Get a bag full of candy and toffees, in case they misbehave throw the candy out of the window. This will ensure they stay silent and behave properly.

Hack 15: How to identify your bag?

Before you enter an exam hall you have to dump your bag somewhere and you might have difficulty identifying your bag, just tie a bright fabric over your bag. Same could be used while you leave sandals outside in a rush place. This way you can easily identify your belongings.

Hack 16: How to get crystal clear ice?

Just boil water before freezing it. This will give crystal clear ice and also quicker compared to normal water at room temperature.

Hack 17: Want to quit smoking?

Lick a little salt every time you feel like smoking. Place some salt at the tip of your tongue when you get that urge to smoke. This way you’ll break the habit within a month.

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