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What are the Side Effects of Wearing Heels? How to Overcome It

Here’s everything you didn’t know about wearing heels.

Do you experience foot pain after an hour of walking around with those gorgeous pumps? High heels apparently affect different parts of your body. There’s something every woman must know. In this article I will discuss about all the side effects of wearing heels and how to overcome it.

What are the Side Effects of Wearing Heels? How to Overcome It
What are the Side Effects of Wearing Heels? How to Overcome It

What you didn’t know about wearing heels?

  • The higher the heel, the bigger the impact.
  • You are forced to change your walking style. Strutting like this all the time will result in bone and nerve damage.
  • Wearing heels will force your ankle to bend forward and this could restrict blood circulation in the limbs.
  • You might have trouble walking naturally when you remove those heels off. Overtime it’ll make your walking difficult even in flats! It could be painful as hell.
  • Frequent high-heel use can put extra stress on the inner sides of the knees, this is a pro shock absorber and also the largest joint in the body. Heels could cause the wear and tear that leads to osteoarthritis.
  • To keep from keeling over in those heels, you have to thrust your hips forward, arch your back, and push out your chest. This sexy pose works the outer hip muscles and tendons hard (and not in a good way)
  • In order to stay sassy in those heels, your spine sways unnaturally. This process stresses your spine muscle and could lead to sore back.

Now moving on I will list down few tips for a pain free heal wearing.
I understand it is hard to avoid heels altogether, for the sake of fashion or to build your confidence. So here’s how you can keep those heels while minimizing the damage

Go for lower heels.

Always remember to go for heels that are 3 inches or less. Anything higher will change your walking style and stress on your back and hips.

Get rid of the skinny stiletto

A thick heel can offer stability and support to your body, and also spread the load more evenly.

Be aware of your posture.

  • Be aware of how your body is positioned and counter the tilt of your pelvis by keeping a neutral stance—shoulders back, chest out, soft knees.
  • One must resist the urge to fall on the ball of your foot by distributing weight evenly on the heels.

Try a new slant.

You can try wearing wedges or heels which are uniform all over.

Give a break.

  • Keep switching between those heels. From 3 inches to 5 inches and give your feet a break in between.
  • Wear comfortable shoes when you have to go walking to your work then swap shoes when you arrive at your destination.

Look for softer soles.

The cushion inside your shoes acts like a shock absorber and lessens the impact your foot can have while hitting the pavement.

Here’s how you can undo the damage

Yea I do understand that those heels can affect your hips, feet and back. You can prevent and cure the pain with few simple moves.

Work the hips.

  • Your hips must be flexible to bear all the stress you put on them.
  • Perform at least 5 minutes of hip flexor stretches or some dance moves before you put on those heels.

Whip out a golf ball.

  • Place a golf ball under the ball, arch, and heel of your foot for five minutes in the morning and evening.
  • This moves your feet and makes it more comfortable

Step it up. 

  • Stand on a step barefoot, letting your heels extend a bit. With your weight on the balls of your feet, lower your heels down as far as you can, then rise up on your toes and slowly return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same maybe around 30 counts.

Flex your toes

  • Sit barefoot in a comfortable chair and loop a soft towel under the toes of your foot. Pull up gently on the ends of the towel, pulling your toes toward your chin.
  • Repeat this 10 times on each foot.

Write on air.

  • Here is a very simple way to strengthen your ankles and improve range of motion.
  • Use your big toe to trace each letter of the alphabet in cursive in the air, moving only the foot and ankle.

Play around.

Place about 20 clips on the floor. Using your toes, pick up one at a time and drop it into a cup. This will help you stretch the bottoms of your feet.

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