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What is Arthritis:Causes, Treatment, Natural Remedies for Combat Arthritis

What is  Arthritis and Natural Remedies for Combat Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition where there are a pain and inflammation of joints which causes muscle fatigue, weight loss, improper sleep, the severe ache in the joints with difficulty in movement of joints are the signs which can be noticed in the person who is suffering from arthritis. They are more than hundred different type of arthritis which affects the individual out of which osteoarthritis is a common condition which affects the majority of the elderly people who are aged above 65 years.

What is Arthritis:Causes, Treatment, Natural Remedies for Combat Arthritis
What is Arthritis:Causes, Treatment, Natural Remedies for Combat Arthritis

They are a variety of treatment of options for arthritis which provide relief from pain for the short duration of time. Most of the physicians prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs provide symptomatic relief to the patient but the pain persists after the effect of medication has gone. So, in order to get long-term relief from pain due to arthritis, they are certain remedies, foods, and physical activity which can help in combating this condition.

Natural Remedies for Combat Arthritis
Natural Remedies for Combat Arthritis

Following are the natural ways to combat arthritis.

Use Ginger Turmeric Tea

Ginger and turmeric both have got the anti-inflammatory benefits which provide an improvement in the inflammation of joints and turmeric has got extra benefits like it has got powerful antioxidant called as curcumin which acts as a powerful agent in fighting the pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis.

Direction For Usage

  • In a boiling water add ½ tsp of turmeric and ½ tsp of chopped ginger or ginger powder can be added and prepare tea by adding honey according to your taste.
  • Use it twice daily and notice a drastic improvement in arthritis.
Use Ginger Turmeric Tea
Use Ginger Turmeric Tea

Exercise And Plan For Weight Loss

Do aerobics and water exercise which avoids stress over joint help in providing relief from inflammation and pain. Schedule proper diet and exercise for losing weight in a healthy way and weight loss decreases pressure on the joints that helps in reducing pain, easy mobility of joints and reduce the stiffness of joints.
Note- Do not run and walk in this condition because running and walking puts pressure on the joints which results in worsening the condition of the patient suffering from arthritis.
Epsom Salt
Epsom is a natural source of magnesium and has been used since ages for its pain relieving activity because of the presence of magnesium in it which helps in reducing stiffness and pain in joints.

Direction For Usage

  • Add Epsom salt to your bathing water and soak yourself for 15 minutes in that water and notice improvement in your joint condition.
  • You can also soak your joints in Epsom salt water like we do pedicure or manicure and for less convenient areas bathing is recommended.
  • Use this Epsom salt water thrice weekly or as per your need and convenience.
  • Intake of Epsom salt with lemon juice and warm water also helps in fighting arthritis.

Try Heat And Cold Therapy

Heat and cold therapy are ideal for all kind of body aches. You can use a heating pad or blankets at night time to provide quick relief to the muscles which gradually reduces the stiffness of the muscles that helps in some kind of ease in the movement of joints.

Cold therapy is very useful in reducing the pain in the muscles of the joints. Use frozen veggies under a towel or ice gel on the inflammation area and notice reduction in the amount of pain in joints.

Use Olive Oil
They are a compound called oleocanthal in olive oil which inhibits the production of COX-1 and Cox-2 inflammatory enzymes has the same mechanism as aspirin and ibugesic. Heating oil results in a reduction in the amount of oleocanthal so it should be used in its original form.

Direction For Usage

  • Intake of olive oil in regular meals is recommended and it should be replaced with regular oil which used in the preparation of dishes.
  • Daily massage with olive oil on the inflamed joints reduces inflammation and pain in the joints.

Eat Cherries
Cherries are rich in magnesium and potassium that help in ease of arthritis sufferers. Magnesium has the anti-inflammatory property and potassium acts as a natural analgesic or painkiller. The presence of this two ingredient makes cherry as the choice of food in the arthritis patient.

Direction For Usage

  • Eat 8-10 cherries daily with the regular interval of time helps in combating arthritis as well as helps in weight loss.
  • If cherry syrup is available then it can also be used twice daily for months.

Use Fish Oil

As it is known that fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid and its oil also has the same benefits. This Omega-3 fatty acid helps in reducing inflammation of joints as well as reduce the stiffness of the joints.

use fish oil arthritis
use fish oil arthritis

Direction For Usage

  • Intake of 1-2 tbsp of fish oil is recommended.
  • You can also use fish oil supplements in the early morning on an empty stomach helps in reducing morning stiffness of joints.

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