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What Is Body Dysmorphic Disorder And Its Symptoms

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Are you all the time concerned about how you look, about your body type and appearance?

If you are the one who whenever looks in the mirror,finds flaws in your look and does not find yourself-appealing, then you are suffering from body dysmorphic disorder.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder

We all love our selves but being obsessed with your looks can destabilize your normal life. It’s not just minor disliking of self-image,but it can be a more severe problem termed as body dysmorphic disorder that needs to be corrected.

What IS Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder is a serious mescal constitution where you spend all the time occupied with the false belief that you don’t look good. You continuously find flaws in your features, skin or hair. Some victims of body dysmorphic disorder may also want to have cosmetic surgery and will never be happy with the results they get.

What Are The Symptoms Of BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorder

As described above if you are suffering from body dysmorphic disorder you will hate your looks and will always find flaws. You won’t be happy with the shape of your nose, lips or eye colour. You may imagine or may be extremely worried about real thinning of hair, having excessive body hair, acne, pigmentation, scarring and wrinkles.

The cause of worry may be imaginary or real, but you will be in immense stress and anxiety because of it. You are so much occupied d welling upon the flaws that you spend most of your time focusing on them and checking yourself in the mirror again and again. You will try new things to hide your imperfections. Most of the time you will be comparing yourself with others. You feel inferior and will maintain a distance with social life or will be over grooming to seek an assurance from other that you look good.

How To Treat Body Dysmorphic disorder

The treatment of body dysmorphic disorder depends on how much severe your case is. Your doctors may prescribe anti-depressants such as serotonin inhibitors that is used to reduce obsessive-compulsive disorder. Also,there are alternative therapies where the therapist will first monitor your behavior closely. He will ask you to visit social gathering without over grooming or trying to hide your real or imaginary flaws to make you comfortable with the way you look. Also, you will be asked to stop checking your looks again and again in the mirror. You may also be asked to remove mirrors from your house.
The counselling done by your psychologist will make you have a positive image of yourself.
Having a cosmetic surgery done is not considered a solution as it may worsen BDD.

The best way suggested to get rid of body dysmorphic disorder is to love yourself and be positive about oneself. Look for amazing qualities you have.
Family and friend support is also required. You may ask your family members and friends to tell your amazing qualities that describe you.

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