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Why Collagen Protein Essential For Women After 30?

Collagen Protein Essential For Women After 30

If you want to be healthy and beautiful then definitely include collagen protein in your diet.

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body, which helps in keeping bones, cartilage and skin healthy. It is very essential for healthy bones, muscles, skin, strong nails and hair. When the collagen level starts decreasing in the body, your skin becomes dry, more wrinkles visible. In such a situation, you can intake collagen foods to avoid these problems.

Collagen Protein Essential For Women After 30
Collagen Protein Essential For Women After 30

Why It’s Important After 30?

Collagen is a protein found in the highest number in the human body, which is present in bones, muscles, skin and tendons. Collagen forms 25 to 35 percent of the total protein in the body. It has been considered very important for your body’s strength and health.

The collagen level in the body starts decreasing after the age of 25. Due to the low level of collagen protein, some symptoms start visible especially in women like fine lines & wrinkles are visible on your face, your skin becomes thinner, hair begins weakens and damage.

How Do Collagen Level Decreases In The Body?

There are several causes of collagen depletion in the body.

How Do Collagen Level Decreases In The Body
How Do Collagen Level Decreases In The Body

Sun exposure/ UV rays damage the cells that make collagen and free radical production that can damage collagen directly.

Smoking, pollution are also the reasons for the decrease of collagen from the body.

Menopause in women and decreased production of hormones during ageing also reduces collagen production.

Consuming too much sugar increase the rate of glycation production that damages protein, weaken collagen and making your skin dry and frail.

Stress, too much physical exertion diminishes your ability to produce collagen and damage skin elasticity.

How to Boost Collagen Protein production Naturally?

Nature has a solution for every problem that helps us to keep healthy and beautiful. We need to use it the right way. You could include such food sources in your diet, which promotes to increase your production of collagen.

Foods are rich in antioxidants such as green tea, blueberries, mulberry extract, pomegranate, astragalus, cinnamon, leeks, onions garlic and essential oils of basil, oregano etc.

How to Boost Collagen Protein production Naturally
How to Boost Collagen Protein production Naturally

Foods contain Vitamin C like green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, gooseberry, papaya, cherries, beets strawberries etc. 

Animal-derived foods contain a good amount of collagen-like meat, chicken, pork, pork skin, bone soup, fish, salmon, tuna, egg whites, cheese can include in your diet.

Nuts and seeds such as walnut, almond, flax seed, chia seeds, and some plant oils such as soybean oil, and canola oil flaxseed oil are a good source of Omega Fatty Acids enhances collagen growth on the skin.

Red light laser therapy also helpful that stimulate collagen level in the skin. A low laser level is safe and can improve your skin elasticity.

Look for the foods that contain all essential nutrients that aid to improves collagen supply in the body.

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