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Yummy And Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are just as good and delicious as the word sounds. The creamy texture and the filling satisfying substance can also be made in healthy varieties apart from the just fatty and delicious ones, so that all of you can enjoy it, even if you are someone who counts on every calorie you swallow.
Here are few recipes to yummy and healthy smoothies you could prepare to carry with you to work or to slurp between your workout sessions. There are also few which you can just enjoy instead of a evening snack.

The ‘Berry’-Good ones

'Berry'-Good ones
‘Berry’-Good ones

1.Berry Lime Smoothie

Add raspberries to almond or rice milk with a few pitted cherries , all of them in unsweetened variety, with some honey, ground flaxseed, grated ginger a d some lemon juice. Blend the mixture until smooth to get the goodness of the berries.

2.Strawberry kiwi Combo

Blend strawberries and kiwifruit and infuse it with some cold apple juice and honey until ultra smooth. You may also add banana if you wish. This fibre rich smoothie is also enriched with heart healthy polyphenols and vitamin C. It will keep you healthy and fit to fight any diseases and also satisfy your tummy.


Try this yummy smoothie made out of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries along with honey, lemon juice and ice cubes , all mixed until smooth to get the needed energy for your active minutes. It is completely energising for a workout smoothie.

Go “Bananas”


1.Banana Ginger Smoothie

Combine a banana, sliced, into three fourth of a cup vanilla yogurt along with some honey and a little freshly grated ginger and blend until ‘smoooooth’ for a yummy smoothie perfectly healthy to sooth your digestive system. This recipe will take care of digestion, gastric troubles, nausea and any other stomach related problem with its portion of freshly grated ginger.

2.Banana with Green Tea and Blueberry

Green tea is antioxidant rich but you may hate its boring taste. Here’s a solution to your dilemma- make a smoothie with all its goodness preserved. Make water steaming hot and brew in a green tea bag for up to 3 minutes, stir in honey while you blend bananas, berries and milk. Now mix the tea into the mixture and blend until extremely smooth.

3.Banana-Blueberry Smoothie

Blend together banana and blueberries along with a cup of soy milk and some vanilla extract for a few seconds. It is both , healthy and delicious to slurp in, specially during summers.

Fruity Smoothie

Fruity Smoothie
Fruity Smoothie

1.Orange Smoothie

Blend a peeled orange with some fat free yogurt, to which you may add some concentrated and frozen orange juice and few drops of vanilla extract. Add few cubes of ice and blend until smooth to get this orange-y treat you can indulge yourself in after work out or so. It is also a low-cal variety you can try.

2.A tri-Fruit Miracle

Combine a banana along with some orange juice, strawberries and non-fat yogurt in a blender until all elements are mixed and smooth. You can start you day with this delicious drink and not feel the urge to munch until it is lunchtime.

3.Just so Peachy!

For those trying to cut down calories and get in shape, blend together low fat vanilla flavoured yogurt, a cup of 1% milk and some whey protein . To this add frozen peaches, strawberries and powdered ginger along with few ice cubes to obtain this sinfully yummy yet healthy fruity smoothie.

The Chocolaty ones

Before mentioning the chocolaty varieties of smoothies, most of you might wonder if chocolate is really a healthy option for a smoothie. Yes, it is a healthy variety, specially, dark chocolates have innumerable benefits to it with its high antioxidant ratio and hence chocolate smoothies can be a nutritious, healthy and remarkably delicious ones you can try.

Chocolaty ones
Chocolaty ones

1.A Cakey Smoothie

Mix almond butter along with cocoa powder, cottage cheese and chocolate protein powder to make this utterly delicious smoothie that almost tastes like a mouth watering cake mixture. Slurp it down with no regrets of going chubby.

2.Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

The combination is a much loved one. Mix banana, Greek yogurt , honey and peanut butter to make this protein shake like smoothie to gulp down any time you wish. It is as good as it sounds!

3.Dark Chocolate Protein Shake

Mix cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, peppermint extract and fat free milk along with frozen bananas to make this smoothie that tastes no less than a dessert. And the secret to it ? Frozen bananas which taste just like ice cream.

There is one recipe of smoothie to suit each of your taste and they are all guaranteed to be healthy. Quit adding sugar or sweeteners to cut down calories and use tofu , soy milk or non-fat yogurt for a healthy low fat version.

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