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Best Foods Necessary In Your Daily Diet To Accelerate Weight Loss

Your Daily Diet To Accelerate Weight Loss

Many of us fight out the battle of losing those extra pounds from our body in order to stay fit and in shape. Weight loss is still easy but cutting down the stubborn fat is bit a task that requires healthy eating regime and workout plan as well.

Your Daily Diet To Accelerate Weight Loss
Your Daily Diet To Accelerate Weight Loss

Weight loss is easy with including right foods in our daily routine

Here are some foods that you can include in your diet on daily basis to cut down on weight in a significant way. Low calorie diet and intake of fresh fruits and veggies helps in cutting down that weight in a much faster way.

1# Quinoa

This is very popular these days as a healthy breakfast food as it is less in calories and it keeps you full for a longer time as well. It is a whole grain that is also high in dietary fiber that keeps your bowel movements smooth and regular without any hassle. Fiber helps in binding the fat and carbohydrate in the body and prevents the body from absorbing the two. You can eat quinoa either alone or with salad as it tastes good and when it comes to healthy food with less weight gain then it’s a must on your breakfast plate.

2# Eggs

Eggs are high in protein and less in calories which makes them a healthy food

Eggs are high in protein and less in calories with high amount of vitamin D and choline. It is a complete food and breakfast as well when you include it in your daily diet. When you eat eggs regularly in your breakfast routine then it helps in promoting the weight loss and keeps the unhealthy fat off from your body. A high protein diet helps in fend off the hunger till your lunchtime bell rings and it regulates hunger and appetite hormones as well.

Eggs In Your Breakfast
Eggs In Your Breakfast

3# Yogurt

Yogurt is the safest bet when you feel hungry and you are looking for the ways to lose weight. Yogurt is full of calcium, protein and probiotics. It keeps the gut area healthy and gives smooth bowel movements when included in daily diet. Greek yogurt is considered as highest in protein and it is also known for keeping your tummy full for a longer time. Stay away from flavored yogurt as it contains added sugar that can harm your weight loss regime and put on those extra kilos to your body.

4# Fruits

Fruits contain natural sugar content, high fiber and citrus juice that is healthy for your body in every way. They help in regulating the bowel movements and also keeps the tummy full for a longer time. Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that helps in keeping your body healthy and boosts its metabolism as well. They are also good for keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

5# Almonds

Almonds are rich in fiber and keeps stomach full for a longer time

Almonds are rich in high fiber and protein and they also help in keeping the tummy full for a longer time. This prevents you from eating unhealthy snacks in between the meals. Almonds are also rich in vitamin E and is a good source of healthy mono and poly saturated fats. You can eat it raw or add it in smoothies, yogurt or salads. You can keep them handy in your purse to keep your hunger pangs at bay and this will also help in controlling your excess weight as you will stay away from your cravings.

Almond oil
Almond oil

6# Dark Chocolate

If you eat a small square of dark chocolate on a daily basis then it helps in keeping you healthy and is considered as a healthy sweet as well. Cocoa contains flavonoids that are very healthy for the body as they help in protecting the body from the attack of free radicals. It keeps your calorie count in check and also gives you a better mood and activity levels. It has less saturated fat that is good for your health and helps in weight loss as well.

7# Apple

Apple is a healthy fruit and it keeps all your hunger woes at bay in a healthy way. Apple is rich in fiber and has natural sweetness. Its juicy content helps in keeping your body hydrated and it also keeps your tummy full for a longer time. There are polyphenols in apple that keeps this fruit healthy for your immune system and keeps high cholesterol at bay.

8# Soup

Soups are rich in vitamin C that keeps your tummy full and also accelerates weight loss

Soups are rich in vitamin C and iron, they can be easily prepared and incorporated in daily diet routine without even increasing an inch from your waistline. You can try many vegetables and fruits for preparing various soups and have it during your dinnertime to avoid eating heavy meal at night. Keep it light and simple and this will help in losing off those extra inches from your body.

9# Olive Oil

It is the healthiest oil of all the cooking oils and keeps your weight in check as its absorbing power is low. It contains monounsaturated fat that helps in keeping your heart healthy an also keeps bad cholesterol at bay. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that keeps your body healthy and active. Use olive oil while cooking the vegetables and you can also use a tsp of olive oil on your salads as a topping. This boosts your immunity and give way to the weight loss on a faster rate.

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