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Can Homeopathy Cure Hepatitis?

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Hepatitis may occur with limited or no symptoms, but often leads to jaundice, poor appetite and malaise. Hepatitis is acute when it lasts less than six months and chronic when it persists longer. They are Acute Hepatitis and Chronic Hepatitis. Homeopathy treatment helps a lot to cure this disease. Some of the homeopathy medicines which cure these diseases are:

Cure Hepatitis
Cure Hepatitis

Acute Hepatitis:-

Jelsimiam 200: This medicine is given to patients who suffer from Acute Hepatitis. And the symptoms are Anorexia, Nausea, and Diarrhea.
Aconite 200: This medicine helps to the patients who suffer from reddening of eyes, skin diseases, dark urine and high fever and Hepatitis.

Torentula 200:
This medicine is prepared from ‘Spider’. This medicine helps the patients who suffer from Hepatitis and severe thrust, tension and high fever.
Ciquita viroza:
This medicine is prepared from trees and is given to control the diseases which occur due to Seizures. This is good for patients who assume the disease to be a major one. This medicine should be taken in a measure of 200 potency twice a day.


This medicine is useful for the patients who feel work pressure and think more about their business; and symptoms are severe body ache, Gastric problems, being thirsty and lack of hunger.


Chronic Hepatitis:

Sulphur: This medicine is given to patients who suffer from skin diseases and doesn’t maintain cleanliness. This medicine should be taken in a measure of 200 potency per a day.
Chelidonium: This is a good medicine for people who suffer from liver disease as they had Hepatitis from a long time; Asytis, and swelling of legs (peripheral edema).
Licopodium: This medicine is good for patients who think a lot about their disease. It works on the patients who have symptoms like Distemper, anger, fond of sweets, severe thirst, emotional.


Antimonium crudam: This medicine is for patients who are sensitive and dream a lot.
Palsatilla: This medicine is for intelligent, calm natured and who think more about their home.
Morkasaal: People who are fond of food, neglect their disease, severe thirst, who stink due to sweat has to take this medicine 200 potency as a single dose per month.
Netramoor: This a good medicine for people who are sensitive, always feel dis-satisfactory and fond of salt and sour tastes.
China: This medicine is for distempered and who suffer from frequent malaria.

So, homeo has the ability to cure hepatitis effectively. “There are five types of Hepatitis and the medicine is given according to the type of infection and disease. We should also consider individual’s behavior and previous medical history. These medicines help us to increase the resistance power in our body.

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