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Benefits Of Morning Sunlight For Our Body

Benefits Of Morning Sunlight For Our Body

Vitamin D and sunlight go hand in hand. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin. The reason behind is that exposure to sunlight is the best natural way to get sufficient vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for our body but our body cannot produce it. Thus, for adequate vitamin D, we are dependent on vitamin D rich foods and sunlight.

Benefits Of Morning Sunlight For Our Body
Benefits Of Morning Sunlight For Our Body

There are few food sources of vitamin D we usually overlook, and this is why whenever we think of the best source of vitamin D,sunlight comes into our mind and we rely on sunlight to provide our body with the sufficient amount of vitamin D.

Why Our Body Need Vitamin D

When our bare skin is exposed to sunlight, sunshine vitamin is produced by the body. Vitamin D is not a vitamin but a pro-hormone required by the body to carry out multiple functions. It maintains healthy teeth and bones, protects against cancer, multiple sclerosis and type-1 diabetes. It supports the body’s immune system and the nervous system. Also, vitamin D is required to support the functions of lungs and cardiovascular health.

When our bare skin is exposed for 5 to 10 minutes about 2-3 time in a week it is enough for our body to produce sufficient vitamin D. However, vitamin D cannot be stored for long as it breaks down quickly,and its stores can run low in the absence of sensible sun exposure or vitamin D supplements.

Why our Body Need vitamin D
Why our Body Need vitamin D

When our body is exposed to the morning sunlight, skin absorbs vitamin D. Sunlight is thus the easiest way to get the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D in turn helps the body to absorb calcium. Calcium is needed by the body to strengthen bones and teeth. It prevents the bones from breaking and keeps the bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis at bay. Morning sunlight also prevents the children from rickets. Beside this,vitamin D lowers the level of blood cholesterol, prevents skin cancer and cancer of prostate and lungs.

Morning Sunlight Improves Immunity

Morning sunlight promotes the production of T-lymphocytes that are an integral part of our immune system. Thus, it keeps vital and bacterial infections at bay and also protects auto-immune diseases.

Morning Sunlight Boost mood And Acts As An Anti-depressant

Early morning sunshine makes you feel rejuvenated and fresh. It boosts the body’s energy and helps in the release of happy hormones that improve mood and acts as anti-depressants.

Morning Sunlight Delays Degeneration Of Eyes

Morning sunlight delays the process of eye ageing. With advanced age, there is degeneration of eyesight. With the expose of morning sunlight, this process can be delayed. Let the early morning sunlight fall on the eyelids for a few minutes everyday.

Morning Sun Boosts Body Metabolism

When we expose our body to morning sunlight, the rate of metabolism increases and keeps the body’s weight in check. The person who has a deficiency of vitamin D, in them fat accumulates more.

Morning Sun IS Good For The Skin

Early Morning sun exposure improves chronic skin issues such as eczema, scars and acne. It promotes the blood circulation and broadens the blood vessels thus there is a smooth flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cell and treats skin ailments. Expose the affected skin part until it is warm and then bring it under shade and rub coconut oil to it to cool it down.

Morning Sunlight Induces Sleep-To get your body to expose to the morning sunlight, you will wake up early. This will maintain a 24-hour cycle. You will sleep early and sound.


There is no doubt lots of advantages of morning sun exposure. But avoid direct sun exposure after 9 am due to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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