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Top Home Remedies For Vaginal Chafing

Wearing tight underclothes that rub your crotch leads to irritation, itching and rashes in your intimate areas. A cut from shaving or prolonged rough sex may also be responsible for painful and tender private parts.

What is Vaginal Chafing

Any activity that causes the skin to rub against clothes or other material

What is vaginal chafing
What is vaginal chafing

is termed as chafing. This condition produces irritation, stinging, burning and pain. Chafing may appear on inner thighs, armpits and nipples. Vaginal chafing is also not uncommon. Chaffing in the area of vagina and vulva is uncomfortable and unpleasant.

What causes Vaginal Chafing

The common cause of vaginal chafing is prolonged rough sex or intense rubbing of your vagina while masturbating. Other reasons are wearing tight under wears, sanitary pads, tight clothing and excessive sweating. Obesity may also be a cause. Vaginal chafing may also be caused after using harsh vaginal cosmetics. These products contain alcohol and make intimate area dry and itchy. Laser burns, waxing may also lead to red and irritated raised skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of Vaginal Chafing

The symptoms of vaginal chafing include irritation and pain in the affected area, cracks on the skin, peeling skin, raised red and itchy skin causing pain on touching.

Top Home remedies for Vaginal Chafing

1.Coconut oil-

To all your skin problems there is one single solution ‘coconut oil’. Coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. It is rich in vitamin E. If you want to prevent your scratches from secondary infection and heal them fast to apply coconut oil directly to the affected area 2 times in a day.


The strong medicinal properties of oatmeal is due to the presence of compound avenanthramides. It cures inflammation and relieves itch and irritation. Add sufficient amount of warm water to a tablespoon of oatmeal to make a paste. Apply this pate to your intimate area. Leave it for 15 minutes a then rinse it off with warm water.
Alternatively, you may add a cup of oatmeal to your bathtub and soak yourself in it for 20 minutes. Repeat this for a few days for relief.


Being rich in curcumin turmeric is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It protects the skin from secondary infections and fastens healing. Also, it reduces the chances of scarring.

Take a teaspoon of clarified butter and add half teaspoon turmeric powder to it. Apply the paste to the affected area and leave it for 30 minutes. After half an hour wash it off. Repeat this two times in a day.

4.Indian Lilac-

Indian Lilac contains quercetin. Quercitin is anti-fungal anti-bacterial. It is a natural disinfectant and is used as an essential ingredient in many beauty products. The alkaloid present in Indian lilac makes it anti-contagious, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-carcinogenic. You can use it both internally and externally.

To treat vaginal chaffing crush a handful of Indian lilac leaves and apply the paste to the affected part. After half an hour rinse it off. Repeat this every day.

5.Aloe vera-

Aloe vera gel is a magic potion. As soon as you applyits gel, it starts healing rashes and also eases burning and itching.
Extract the gel of fresh aloe vera and apply to the intimate areas. Wash it once it dries. Repeat this two times in a day for a few days.

How To Prevent vaginal Chafing

To prevent vaginal chafing wear loose cotton underclothes. Apply a small amount of baby powder to theintimate area after bathing and drying yourself. Remember it is essential to keep the area dry. While having sex use a water-based lubricant. Avoid walking long distances during hot seasons. Do not wear wet clothes for long. Be careful while shaving the intimate parts.
Do not suffer in silence. Better try the home remedies for vaginal chafing mentioned in this article and get rid of this painful condition as soon as possible.

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