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Give Your Closet A Makeover

Arranging and organising closets could be a bane. Specially, if you find yourself in a situation where you open the closet doors and you face a cloth avalanche, it’s high time you realise that your wardrobe needs a makeover.

All those closets stacked up with loads of clothes and accessories are never easy to manage. You can’t find one thing you look for, and to find that you pull out others and finally you just roll it all together and stack it in and shut the door. Here’s what you need to do .

Your Closet A Makeover
Your Closet A Makeover


For organising your closet, you need to assess two things- the reason for your messed up cupboard and space available to you for storage. This will give you a clear idea of what you need to avoid and how can you redo it.

2.Clear and sort

Pull out all your clothes and sort them into groups. Sort it into group to keep, repair, donate and toss. You will be surprised to see there are many you don’t even need any more. Keep aside the clothes you wish to use, the ones you use and the new ones separately from the ones in you need to sew and repair. Also decide which one you wish to donate and which you wish to throw away.
Donating clothes is indeed a good deed, it is good to sort clothes you wish to donate once in a while.

3.Allot places

If the closet is used by more than one person , the first thing you need to do is divide space for each person. Allot places for each item you wish to store such as clothes, shoes, sandals, accessories, handbags etc. Place the things you use commonly at easy access and items that you do not use much either in the lower most or the upper most shelves. The lower spaces can be brilliantly allotted for foot wears and the upper one for bags. You could create some space for hanging your accessories or to place a mirror if you wish.

4.Seasonal wardrobe

Put away all the clothes of the past season in a corner of the closet which you will not have to access and arrange all your clothes for the particular season. This is necessary as seasonal clothes are entirely different from one another and cannot be used always.

5.Arrange Things

Arrange all your items clearly, avoiding any clutter. You could choose to arrange things either according to their type or according to their colour.

You can also choose to hang few of them like the ones prone to folds and also the heavy worked ones . Use padded hangers for delicate clothing. Other dresses, shirts or jackets can be folded and kept.

Arrange Things
Arrange Things

To avoid rifling through stacks of socks and undergarments, resort them into drawers or separate boxes which you can put away. Allot different boxes for different varieties. However, make sure you do not stack more than two boxes high, otherwise when it is time open the boxes, you will have to start all over again.

Store shoes and other footwear in the lower area or make separate arrangement like racks for shoes. You may also try adding some open shelves to make space for shoes.

6.The make-over elements

To change the look of your closet, you may add a cute printed wallpaper and some holders and fixed hangers as well. The holders could hold your cosmetics, make up accessories, hair brushes etc. The hangers could be used to hang belts, chains, necklaces etc.
The portion stuck with wallpaper can be left as such or can be fixed with a mirror.

If you wish to add more elements for storage, you may include plastic storage shelves , shoe storage racks etc.


After your closet is redone, what you need to take care is that it is never back to the old situation. Therefore be sure that the arrangement is done in a way that things can accessed without disturbing one another.

Also your cupboard needs to smell good and stay dry so that it is free from mold and other insect attack. Ensure that you store clothes and other items only after drying them completely. You may also use some naphthalene balls to keep the wools safe.


You may be used to the messy cupboard or closet you own but a sorted and neat one is always better to use . It actually saves you time and energy when you have so little time to get ready before heading out as now you will know exactly where that favourite top or jeans or footwear is. Organise them and enjoy your new and sorted closet.

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