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Make Natural Face Masks With Earth Fuller For Beauty Treatments

Ladies main interest is beauty. They always show interest to keep their skin beauty. Thus, they maintain make up everyday, everytime. But it’s not really good for their skin. Sometimes it will work out but not always. Make up and chemicals which include chemicals will leads to your skin unhealthy and aging problems will definitely appear. Cleansing is the best solution for all these issues. It is a wonderful ingredient, commonly known as Earth Fuller. You can make natural face masks with Earth fuller to keep your skin attractive. ‘Multani mitti’ is one such example of cleanser If you want to keep your skin dirt free or get rid of dust sticks on the face, you can use multani mitti as an Earth fuller.

Multani Mitti
Multani Mitti

Multani mitti contents:

Multani mitti contains a rich content named aluminium silicate. To keep your skin radiant, fresh and very smooth, it is the best solution. The hydrated aluminium silicate found in multani mitti soaks up excess oil from the sebaceous glands, barriers the dirt from the skin to avoid the start of acne and cures the current ones. Its cooling properties lower the irritation and inflammation of your skin.

Skin benefits:
Taking out the harmful bacteria
Remove excess oil and dirt
Keeps the skin very clean and smooth
Perfect for the inflammation
Helps in the lessening of acne
Minimize redness
Suitable for eliminating tanning
Remove whiteheads and blackheads
Make the skin radiance
Minimizes pigmentation

Home remedies for beauty treatment:

Oil reduce face pack:
Multani mitti powder
Rose water

To make thick paste, combine the ingredients above mentioned well. Apply it as a face pack and leave it for some time. Now, your skin balance level in perfect condition. Finally excess oil from your face reduced effectively. So, this is the very effective face mask.

Oil ReduceFace Pack
Oil ReduceFace Pack

Skin glowing face pack:
Multani mitti
Sandalwood powder
Tomato juice

Mix all the ingredients well and make a fine paste. Spread the past on your face and allow it to be for ten minutes. Rinse off with warm water. If you want to get back your glowing skin, this pack will bring extra to your skin.

Face pack for smooth skin:
Crushed Almond
Multani mitti

-How to make
Blend all the above ingredients to make a thick past. Apply it on the face and retain to be for few minutes. Wash your face. To make your skin supple and soft, it is the best pack to change your skin appearance.

Curd with multani mitti:
Multani mitti

Take the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. Make a paste from the ingredients. Apply the paste on your face and wait for some time. Now wash your face. This is an effective face pack to reduce the dark patches on your skin.

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