Thursday , 21 September 2017

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Meditation: For A Well-Being Life

A Beautiful you

We can acquire peace of mind with the help of meditation. Meditation is a wonderful thing to keep us happy, fresh, concentrated and active. It includes many qualities, which are beneficial to lead a peaceful life. It also helps in connecting the mind, body and soul. Thus, these are some advantages of practicing meditation daily. Hence, have a glance over ...

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7 Simple Grooming Tips For Homemakers

Pamper Your Skin

A woman makes a home complete and a homemaker never complains of her busy day. Yeah, a housewife works throughout the day for other family members and never takes care of herself. But, even a housewife should maintain her personality, in spite of working all the time. There are some simple day-to-day self grooming tips for homemakers, which keep them ...

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Let Your Mind Breath in A Fun Way

Spend Some Time with Buddies

Sometimes, we forget the name of our best friend, isn’t it..? Though, it’s not intentional; it’s simply the absence of mind. Your bf can understand it, but do you have any idea as why are you forgetting things more frequently? This happens because of the inactive brain. We are too busy to keep our mind fresh and active. In this ...

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Social Medias Impact On Mental Health Of Public

Researches to be Proof

Almost everyone, nowadays, is a member of a social networking site. The growing cult of social medias like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter etc were actually found to connect people, to make world a more open and in a word, small. It has provided us a platform to share and learn and allows us to make new friends from any part ...

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