Monday , 27 January 2020

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This Is How You Can Manage Restless Legs Syndrome Naturally!

How You Can Manage Restless Legs

How You Can Manage Restless Legs Restless legs syndrome or RLS is a condition that causes uncomfortable tingling sensations in your legs. This urges you to move your leg more often and you can’t relax in just one position for a longer time. Restless Legs Syndrome This situation occurs when a person is sitting, sleeping or in a resting position ...

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Pumpkin Seeds: Benefits, Nutrition and Diet Tips

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin seeds also known as pepitas are edible seeds of the pumpkin. These seeds are flat and symmetrically oval. They are encased in a white-colored outer husk and their inner seed is green in color. They are subtly sweet and have a nutty flavor. They are native to America Pumpkin seeds are loaded with numerous micro ...

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