Saturday , 22 February 2020

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Oral Care benefits of Oil Pulling too cure teeth problems

Oral care benefits of oil pulling

Body: Oil pulling is a traditional way of whitening teeth and boosting oral health. It is an age older remedy, whichtriggers natural substances to leanse and detoxify gums and teeth. A harmful bacterium causes gums in the mouth. The Oil pulling is helps to get rid of such bacteria. There are a lot of Oral care benefits of oil pulling ...

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Simple Home remedies to relieve Morning Sickness

Herbal tea

Body: When you wake up in the early morning, find you are very tired like that is end of the day. You feel very sickness then won’t wake up. Almost 65 per cent of the women suffering with the sickness problem, although it is a common issue but some women feel this till end of day. Especially pregnancy women feel ...

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Best Homemade Face packs with Yogurt for your Healthy skin

For Oily skin

Body: Every woman’s dream is having beautiful and clear skin. Due to busy schedules, ultraviolet rays of sun and polluted world face becomes very hard to maintain. These cause to pimples, spots, blemishes and tanning etc. Don’t use chemical products, which are very harmful to your skin. Now you can prepare your homemade face packs with yogurt for your healthy ...

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Avoid summer Hair Care mistakes

Tips for strong and shiny hair

Body: Hair is the major thing in the human body, which gives beauty to your stylishness. Anyone comes in front of you; he/she will observe your hair first. Hair plays a very significant role to maintain your beauty. If you want to get a good impression to your beauty, you should maintain your hair shiny and avoid damage to the ...

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